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About the Designer

Khristena Marcus

What began as a hobby and creative way of making costumes for my performances, turned into an amazing opportunity to share my gifts and creativity with others.

Eulalia Designs derives from my middle name, Khristena Eulalia Marcus, and was born out of the comfort of my two-bedroom apartment. Making dance costumes for myself and my alma mater's dance team, the Howard University “Ooh La La! Dance Line”, was not only a way to help save money, but it was also the catalyst to transforming a passion into a business. 

I love all forms of fine arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, theatre, dance, and design. It’s my source of inspiration and is where I can freely express my creativity. 

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Howard University. As a Musical Theatre major, I honed my craft as a performer on stage and behind the scenes. I learned technical elements for costume design, lighting, makeup, set design, and how to bring everything together to create a dynamic show.

Upon graduation, I joined the NFL as a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, where I performed for thousands of football fans around the world. My years as a professional cheerleader exposed me to the glamorous side of professional dancing and how to shine in an audition amongst hundreds of other candidates.  

With my background in the arts and experience as a professional dancer, I am able to incorporate my life experiences into my costume designs. I know how it feels to be on stage, behind the scenes, and how it all works together to tell a story.   

Eulalia Designs is a company that truly believes in the passion of your performance, and I take so much pride in the workmanship of each design so not only do you shine bright on stage; you take the audience’s breath away.

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